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       Quan Yin and the Lily


The flower is tender.

She quivers with life and death

in the morning light of fleeting



Her petals pulse with a

passionate color and vibrate

orgasmically on her silky,

flexible green stem.



She feeds on Eternal Earth

and lifts herself so briefly to

wrap her dazzling face, lips, hands

into sky.


Her passionate nature can collapse

in sorrow or loss or fear.

Even a bruise of touch sends her

limp and ended to the arms of Earth,

Her Mother.


She must begin again daily.

This work is only partially described

as photosynthesis.

The drawing up of hope from

unseen sources.


The magical fabrication of color

splashed out into the world of

human eyes…

The sacrifice and gift of all she has

cast towards us in a wild surrender

to death, to love.


She is friendly with Quan Yin,

the sturdy enduring force that steps

delicately between lifetimes

to keep the conversation going.


Quan Yin holds the flower in dearest regard

and you should, too.

When earthly self mourns or fears…

hold her most tenderly.






Quan Yin holds the flower in dearest

regard and you should, too.

When earthly self mourns or fears…

hold her most tenderly.



Inhale the exquisite odor

of her phosphorescent


Never fear her or

push her aside.

Rock her in your arms

and hum.

Draw Quan Yin into yourself

and comfort her.

When they come together,

 the reason we are here

has been accomplished.


The husband holds

the mourning wife.

The wife holds

the husband’s fears.

They both hold the moment

   of collapse,

before the wild leap is possible.


We are not waiting for this to be over.

The movement of Quan Yin

towards the flower

is what keeps the galaxies dancing.

It powers the beautiful fragile illusion

of sun and moon, morning and night.


You can be part of it,

         anytime you want to.

Hold the tender bruised

         person to your left

and soulfully, gently, tenderly



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