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Crystalline Structures


You are made of crystalline structures

that vibrate like tuning forks.


Their delicate irridescent wings

unfurl and lift them high on the soft breeze

of night to gather subtle informations

which few can understand.


You inhabit these informations.

Gathering them in tenderly

and transposing them when needed

to harmonize

the infinite tangled

song strands of earth.


       Perhaps you ought to wear a helmet

       and goggles at the shopping mall or

       wrap yourselves in blankets

       hung with spells and crystals

       just to navigate the realm of

       ambiant noise at work.


When the luminous wings of your soul flap

you lift up out of ordinary time and immerse

yourself in beauty or sorrow or fierce love.



What ever is before you,

you enter and allow

the exquisite dilemna of life

to welcome you 

toward the Divine..........



                           .....continued on soundcloud access 1

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High levels of sensitivity are often found in people of advanced intelligence. Sensitivity can feel like a hindrance as well as a gift.


Our cultural norms create shame and confusion for the highly sensitive person who may be accessing "subtle informations that few can understand."


For more information about giftedness and advanced development, go to my professional counselling website:



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