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About Anne Allanketner

Click on image to link to Anne's professional counseling website.


I am an artist, counselor and poet. I am fascinated by the intersection of creativity and healing, both in individuals and in society. Poetry, for me, is a kind of spiritual medicine.


Its currative powers can influence how we feel and how we see things. It can hold both our shared history of human suffering, and our mutual agenda to reach beyond outselves to mitigate suffering.


A good poem can stick with you. Words can elevate consciousness, soften self attack or teach us to access and value our deeper feelings.


Because poetry is so non-linear, it lands on us 'all in one piece,' impacting emotion and making us recognize understandings we already contain, but haven't thought about.


This reconnection to our deeper knowing is medicinal for society as well as the individual. It helps us to be whole. We craft our lives better when we are able to meet the world as whole beings.


We need our felt senses, our body knowledge and our emotions to percieve beyond the rational, logical mind. We need this heart-felt wisdom to truly guide ourselves in life.


The use of art and poetry to access depth and shift awareness, has been a life long fascination for me. 








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